About Us

Urb Ryde E-scooters is a local Toronto business with the vision of new and sustainable travel. Thanks to electric vehicles, it’s possible to have a low cost, zero emissions form of transportation. Urb Ryde offers the best affordable electric scooters in Toronto. We have different scooter options for your needs; whether you are climbing hills, bumpy trails or riding in the city, we have something for you. Our electric scooters are a great option for getting around, having fun or exploring.

Woman talking on her phone near and E-Scooter.

Our Mission

We at Urb Ryde E-Scooters want to see E-Scooters throughout Canada because they are an incredibly fun, convenient, and efficient form of commuting. Since electric scooters can fold up to fit into even the smallest apartments and car trunks, they’re great for people who need a space saving mode of transportation.

Our mission is to have E-Scooters on roads, paths, and trails. We want electric scooters to be fully embraced by society. The end result would be freeing up traffic, reducing pollution and putting a grin on people’s faces. We encourage you to ride them carefully, respect pedestrians, and other road users.

Ride responsibly, ride safely!

Time to Ryde!

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