It's Time to Ryde

Our E-Scooters combine power, style, and comfort to give you the riding experience you’ve been searching for. Once you switch to an Urb Ryde you’ll never look back.

Ryde into Work

Commuting doesn’t have to be boring! Your Urb Ryde E-Scooter will get you to work in style, allowing you to feel like a kid, but look like a professional. 

Once you’re there, you can easily fold up your E-Scooter and store it in your office until you’re ready to head home. You could even pop out for a lunch time ride if you just can’t wait. 

The Ryder Difference

Our E-Scooters are fast, long-lasting, and comfortable to ride. 

Speeds of Up to 50 km/h

Sometimes you just want to ride fast. Our E-Scooters can travel up to 50 km/h, giving you the speed that you’re craving with the quality and comfort of a luxury E-Scooter. 

Want to take things easy instead? Almost all of our  E-Scooters have three adjustable speed settings letting you choose the perfect ride for you.  

60 km a Charge

Whether you’re going around the block or your favorite trail, your E-Scooter needs to get you there and back. Almost all of our E-Scooters can be rode continuously for up to 40 km, with some even able to travel 60 km on a single charge. 

Designed for Comfort

Our E-Scooters have wide set handlebars and can be adjusted to fit most heights.

Urb Ryde E-Scooters also have a comfortable finger throttle that allows you to maintain or change your speed with little to no effort.

Our E-Scooters also come with both front and rear suspension, giving you a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Featured E-Scooters

The X9 and X10 E-Scooters are scooters Ryders love to ride!

This light weight E-Scooter packs a punch, reaching up to 45kph and can travel up to 55 km per charge. 

Both the black and gold X10 can reach an impressive 45kph and travel up to 55 km per charge.

Whether you pick black or gold you’re sure to make a splash, especially at night.

Summer Sale

If you’ve been waiting, now’s the time. All of our E-Scooters are 25 percent off, including the new Maxspeed X9S and Maxspeed X10. 

Current Ryders

The E-Scooter I have from Urb Ryde has never disappointed me. The convenience and speed is unlike other ones I’ve tried.

Steven Patel Headshot.
Steve Patel

London, ON

The downtown traffic is always a mess. The Max ATS model has been helping me avoid traffic during rush hours.

Stephen Oliver Headshot.
Stephen Oliver

Toronto, ON

I have fallen in love with my Urb Ryde Exec. It has made my daily commute to work enjoyable for once.

Lauren Sladen

Vancouver, BC